50% av jobben inom transport och logistik kommer att hanteras av datorer inom 20 år. De är bättre lämpade för alla komplexa realtidsbeslut som behöver fattas för att effektivisera ytterligare.

Well, the recent study (The future of employment; how susceptible are jobs to computerisation? by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne) by researchers from Oxford University points in a similar direction. This study concludes that close to 50% of today’s jobs in the US could be automated in the next two decades.

The approach to this study was as follows. The researchers looked for bottlenecks of what they call computerisation and compared that with the characteristics of more than 700 job descriptions. The result is a probability number whereby 0 (zero) means that certain jobs are unlikely to be computerised in the next two decades and 1 means they are very likely to be computerised.

Their score for cargo and freight agents (cargo agent, freight broker, load planner, logistics co-ordinator and operations manager) was 0.99. So according to the study, it is very likely that planning jobs in the air cargo industry will be taken over by software applications in the next two decades.